Michael David - Prepare to be Amazed!

Michael David bears no resemblance to the usual notion of a harpist. No long, flowing, blond hair, no rustling robes and especially no angelic beings. Even as a child Michael David followed harp lessons and stood out very early because of his independent interpretations. His first teacher actually advised his parents that it would be better to end their son's agonizing attempts at trying to produce melodious music on the harp. Fortunately his parents continued trusting their son's talent. Instead of changing their future plans they changed the teacher.

His teachers later on included, among others, Prof. Erich Schubert of the Musikhochschule Cologne, who taught Michael David for several years in a variety of music directions. He received the final touches to his education in the United States from Harvi Griffin who is one of the best all round harpists in the world. Griffin taught David specifically in swing, pop and jazz. After returning from the States, the virtuoso started to work as a teacher for his exceptional instrument whilst at the same time playing at concerts and galas.

His repertoire includes classical concert literature and traditional music, as well as swing, pop and jazz. In all these areas Michael David has played international concert tours and festivals in the last few years. Cooperating with big bands and smaller groups has also characterized the artist's development.

These days Michael David presents a variety of programs including several solo harp concerts as well as performances with cross flute, string quintet, vocals, bass, marimba and percussion: "Harp in Blue" from classics to jazz. Each time the artist shows his versatility and the surprisingly big variedness of a concert harp.

"Michael David masterfully makes music and virtuoso, his hands "dance" on the strings and his fingers "conjure" sparkling water droplets, loving secrets and scintillating fireworks." (Nürnberger Nachrichten)